Stand Up Paddle Boards: The accessories you didn't know you needed You've completed all the research and found the perfect Stand Up Paddle Board! You've planned your first adventure on the water and you're ready to go! You head out and find the experience is absolutely exhilarating, yet serene. It's the perfect addition to your fitness regimen. But now you realize that there may be a few more items to add to your checklist, essential accessories. Here are some you may want to consider before heading out onto the lake, ocean or river for your next paddle board adventure.Transportation for you and your SUP: Are you considering an inflatable or rigid stand up paddle board? Inflatables are incredibly easy to transport and they often include a carry bag or back pack. They are excellent all around paddle boards, perfect for beginners, touring or yoga. If you choose to go with a rigid paddle board, you will find some excellent high performance boards, as well as all around boards. Just be prepared to add a roof rack to your checklist, unless your vehicle inventory includes a pick up truck.
  1. Safety Flotation Device: When discussing this topic with seasoned paddle boarders, you'll find there is a difference of opinion here. Some consider your SUP serves as your flotation device if you're using a leash. Others would suggest carrying a life vest on your paddle board with you at all times. There are very light weight and compact life vests that will fit under the bungee cords on your SUP.
  2. Hydration Pack or Water Bottle: There are multiple options when considering what to use to keep yourself hydrated while on your board. There are several well known brand name hydration packs that are perfect for paddle boarding. When choosing, you may want to consider the fit, weight, and size/capacity. This may mean trying them all on during the next trip to your favorite sporting goods store. Some options include:
    1.  Backpacks or hiking packs. These typically include compartments for gear and other items. These compartments are not water proof and these may be slightly heavier than the following options.
    2. Cycling hydration packs are more compact and often include compartments or pockets, as well. 
    3. Running hydration packs are typically weigh much less and tend to be slightly lower profile than the previously mentioned options. 
    4. Waste packs, the last item I'll mention here, are the most compact. Storage compartments on these are quite small or non-existent, but this may be preferable when on a paddle board. 
    5. The amount of liquid these packs can carry can range from 0.5 liter to 3.0 liters.
  3. Dry Bag: You may want to consider a dry bag if you plan on toting items that you don't want to lose or get wet in the event you fall off your board, such as car keys, cell phone and sun block. The bags float and are water proof. Sizes are unlimited but typically range from 5 liters to 40. You can find a wide variety of dry bags on
  4. Carabiners: These are very convenient. They can be used to attach your water bottles, dry bags, and other gear directly to your board. You can find these at
  5. Sun block: This is an essential item for all. Stay safe under the rays.
  6. Shoulder strap or SUP cart: Stand up paddle boards are fairly light weight. For example a 10 foot 6 inch paddle board can weigh as little as 20 pounds. Carrying a board this lightweight can be a task depending on the distance from your car to the shore or dock. A simple SUP shoulder strap may come in handy. If you have multiple paddle boards, a SUP carts can certainly reduce the number of trips you make to and from your car. The carts are made to transport multiple paddle boards at once and some can be easily disassembled for easy transport in your car or SUV, or truck.
  7. Portable electric SUP air compressor: Almost every inflatable paddle board you purchase will come with a hand pump. Inflating your SUP manually can be a challenge, physically. It can also be quite time consuming. If your not up for the challenge, you'l
    l certainly want to add an electronic SUP compressor to your list. This item is even more beneficial when you have to inflate multiple paddle boards. Most compressors will also deflate your board as well. The compressors plug directly into the cigarette lighter of a car. Some include rechargeable battery packs and all have multiple adaptors that will fit the valve of any inflatable paddle board. The compressors can be set to inflate a board to a specific PSI, so the board doesn't is not inadvertently over inflated. 

     Stand up paddles boards! They  are becoming more and more popular. There are many more accessories than the ones listed. The accessories you buy is truly dependent on the type of paddle boarding you're into and the body of water you're on! This should get you started! Happy Paddling! Stand Up Paddle Boards! Check our our blog post about Paddle Boarding on Lake Las Vegas, called; Off the Las Vegas Strip: Paddle Boarding Lake Las Vegas

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