Glamping Under Canvas Zion

Glamping at Under Canvas Zion is a unique experience. The experience alone is worthy of every write-up by every influencer, blogger, vlogger, guest or any outdoor adventure seeker who has experienced a night or two in one of these amazing outdoor luxury super tents. It's no wonder why there are so many articles calling Under Canvas one of the best places to stay when visiting Zion. I can support that claim because I’ve stayed there and have experienced all that Under Canvas has to offer; from morning coffee delivery service to the random visits from the herd of cows that roam the mountainscape.

So, if you’re not into camping, I'm willing to bet you’ll LOVE glamping! Imagine watching a beautiful sunset into the magical backdrop of mountains, while sitting on your private deck sipping a glass of your favorite wine! After sunset, you'll finish the evening in a gigantic comfy king size bed and fall asleep under the stars! Yes, under the stars! Well, you’re not actually sleeping outside. You’re in a luxury tent practically the size of a hotel room. The roof of the tent is clear, so you have a full view of the stars! 

Glamping Under Canvas Zion

If you’re not ready to hit the mattress, head out for a late night snack! Just a few steps away, you’ll find complimentary chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, roasting sticks and a blazing fire pit! How much better can it get?! Wrap up in a blanket, grab a seat next to the cozy fire and toast up some marshmallows! Smush them between two tasty warm graham crackers and a melted slab of chocolate and take a big gooey bite! 

Glamping Under Canvas Zion

Glamping in Luxury

Glamping Under Canvas Zion

Hands down, this is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay when visiting Zion. It's located on over 196 acres in Virgin, Utah, just minutes away from Zion National Park. After conquering Angel’s Landing or wading the waters between the 1000 foot canyon walls of the Narrows, you will probably be ready for some food (and drinks?)! Grab dinner in town or better yet, head back to Under Canvas' on-site restaurant. Sit down with old friends, and new, to a delicious meal (the trout is amazing!) from Under Canvas' diverse menu.  The main tent, where the restaurant is located, has a unique sunken fire pit. You can also get your meal to-go and enjoy it while relaxing on your private deck. End your day overlooking the majestic mountains that make this place so wonderful. 

Venture out from Las Vegas to Under Canvas Zion

Under Canvas Zion is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada. Adventure seekers from all over the world fly into Harry Reed International Airport just to make the trip to Zion. Some people literally skip the infamous Las Vegas Strip and head from the airport directly to Virgin, Utah to begin their West Coast adventure after checking into Under Canvas Zion!

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3955 Kolob Terrace Road

Virgin, Utah 84767

(435) 359-2911

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