Jeep Camping

How exciting would it be to fly from Europe to Las Vegas and spend seven full days exploring as many National Parks as you can fit into your seven day itinerary? This is exactly what Tobias did and he loved it. What did he need? Let's make a list:

He rented a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, soft top of course. He said he wanted to put the the top back and enjoy nature. Why not, he's National Park hopping! He also rented an SUV tent! Yes! It's a tent that connects to the back of Jeep! If you're not one who enjoys sleeping on the ground, sleep in the Jeep! Feel free to leave the tailgate open, so you can step into the tent to slip on your shoes if you decide leave the tent, and the Jeep, and go for an early morning walk/run! Oh of course, you'll need some sleeping bags, a camp stove, a lamp; don't forget to bring light, pots/pans, utensils etc etc etc! 

Make sure it all fits easily in the back of the Jeep, along with your luggage! Speaking of easy... you'll want gear that folds up easily and is compact so it all fits nicely into the cargo area of whatever you happen to be traveling in over the next several days! 

Tobias rented the Jeep and camping equipment from us here at Travel and Coast and left us a wonderful review! He said they where the coolest campers at the campsite. I'm guessing he said this because he had a super cool rig and an amazing setup! We hope to hear from Tobias again! 

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